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"Simply Country" book series by Judy Condon


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Welcome to Marsh Homestead Country Antiques! My name is Judy Condon and I am the author of the "simply country" book series.

   In 2002, my husband Jeff was relocated to Virginia which resulted in a major life-change for us! I retired as a Superintendent of Schools in Connecticut, closed my ten-year old large antique shop in Litchfield and we headed south. It was painful to sell our 1764 Northfield, Connecticut home built by Elijah Marsh, the grandson of John Marsh, founder of Litchfield. As a remedy for soothing a saddened heart and suddenly finding time on my hands, I decided to write the book I had held in my head for twenty-years and which I always knew I would title, Country on a Shoestring! Thus, the "simply country" series was started!

   The series has continued to grow with increased readership and enthusiasm. Letters, calls and emails are received daily with appreciation for filling a gap in the hearts and souls of country lovers!  Email if you would like wholesale pricing information or call 877-381-6682 to set up an account. When I wrote Country on a Shoestring and wanted to market it to country shops through the largest national trade show, Market Square, I was told I couldn't just sell a book. I had to bring something else. I created a blackened wax lamb, took it to Market and came back with orders for 2,000! Suddenly I was producing over sixty pieces of hand-poured primitive wax pieces sold to country shops in the US and Canada, In October 2009, time no longer permitted me to pour fifty pounds of wax a week, do fifteen shows a year and film, write and ship five books a year. I now focus my time and energies on the creation of the "simply country" book series.

   In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf with my husband Jeff, reading and playing Bridge. I love spending time with my five children and seven grandchildren. Utilizing my background as an educational administrator and Connecticut State Assessor of beginning teachers, I am committed to working with teachers on the island of St. Maarten. When in St Maarten, I volunteer my time when needed by offering workshops to help teachers learn new instructional practices and classroom management techniques hoping that I can make a small difference in increased learning opportunities for the children on the island.

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